LENT: God who Sustains


Isaiah 50:4-9

God who Sustains,

Morning by morning, I come to your ancient text, scribbling it in black ink and color pens.  Morning by morning, wisdom emerges like a revealing wonder to be discovered.  Morning by morning, pieces of revelation revive my tired spirit and redesign my interior.

Where else does this sustenance come than from you?

You sustain
You give
You open
You help
You vindicate

You know my day will hold moments in which I will need your sustenance.  Let these moments not surprise or anger me.  Let me receive them as the admission price to participate in this human experience.

In these moments, let this fickle heart remember your active and mysterious revelation that seeks to sustain the perishing body and the wasting-away spirit.  Might that be enough to remain tender and patient on the day’s journey.

In the name of the One whose tenderness lasted all the way to the end,


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