LENT: God, Receiver of Fickle Praise


Luke 19:29-40

God, Receiver of Fickle Praise,

I kept a log yesterday of praise for you.  I managed to pause throughout the day to write down all the small things that hinted of your wonder.  But I confess it was difficult.  There were moments the list was prolific.  There were moments it was short.  I would find myself falling into more gratitude than praise – a sense of thankfulness for what I have rather than an acknowledgment of who you are.  Praise took work.

What is it like for you to receive our fickle praise?
What is it like for you to watch our eyes turn naturally in on ourselves?
What is it like for you to know it is often effort to turn our eyes outward to you?

I confess all these things and yet I know that you know this.  The multitudes spread out cloaks and shouted joyfully but it did not last.

May you accept my praise, fickle as it may be.
May the practice of praising you change the natural inclination of my heart.

But regardless of my praise imperfections, may I remember that your Love forgives the fickle heart.  May I remember your mercy – compassionate action from the powerful One.  Let my praise and your mercy be enough for the day ahead.

In the name of the One who deserved praise but received little of it, I pray.


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