LENT: From the Storehouse of Praise


Psalm 118:1, 19-29

God who Comes,

What was praised then is still worthy to be praised now.  Aloof and withdrawn, you are not.  You come, you answer, you save.  Forgive our blind eyes and our stubborn hearts.  Forgive us our prescribed measures of “answered prayers” that leave us starving and yet seated at the feast.

May all that you are be all that I need today.  Let that enough spark not just comfort or peace but exuberance expressed through my words, my actions, my intentions, and my hope.

When the day ends and praise remains in the storehouse, let my final words before sleep be from the psalmist…

You are my God, and I do give thanks to you.

In the name of the One who comes, saves, and praises,


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