LENT: God Who Makes Whole


Psalm 31:9-16

God Who Makes Whole,

To live in the human community is to be left in pieces.  To love the other is to feel sorrow.  To exist in the human frame is to diminish slowly.

To trust you is to set eyes on the only One who does not disintegrate.  Forgive us when this hope feels too absurd and this salvation feels too foolish.  Forgive us when we attempt to leave you in pieces.

Grant me enough absurdity to hope and enough foolishness to trust your persistent saving acts.

For all the sorrowful and the disintegrated, may I join you in acts of healing.
For all the scorned and broken vessels, may I join you in words of restoration.

In absurd hope and foolish love, you make whole the shattered life.  Praise be to you who never gives up on wounded hearts and broken vessels.

In the name of the One whose spirit remained whole even in a broken vessel,


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