LENT: God of Possibility


Psalm 126

God of Possibility, 

There are days where we speak only of past tense.  We name the moments or seasons where we were filled and our dreams did feel reachable.  There are days where the present tense claims our full attention. The future feels too unpredictable until the present decides its fate. The past feels now like memories in a foreign land.

When these days comes, may our efforts be held always in tension with the prayer to you…

Restore our fortunes, O Lord.
Be the God who you have been, transforming tears to joy.
Don’t just do a new thing, reclaim and redeem the old thing.

As you work, may impossibility drive us right to you.  In your hands, shift and shape impossibility so that possibility emerges.  Give us pause enough to wait expectantly for possibility.

Whenever it comes, may our mouths, our actions, and our tender hearts shout out in joy as we become again those who dream.


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