LENT: God Who Makes a Way


Isaiah 43:16-21

God Who Makes a Way,

While the sun still sleeps and the day is still quiet, I am gathering all my tricks and tools – efficiency, approval, influence, connections, experience, and comfort.  They help me live this life but I pack them up in a box to give to you.  You may rifle through the box to discern if they, like the chariots and horses, army and warriors, need to accept retirement as the “things of old.”

You promise that a “new thing” is springing forth that will depend not on my old box of tricks and tools.  You promise that your provision will be enough for all the new challenges to come.

I confess my hesitation of entering the desert without the box of tricks and tools readily available.  The desire for new things battles against my impulse to stay in my comfort zone.

When my heart is steady and slow enough to remember, I can trust you.  You are the One who always makes a way.  Your way is always better than my way.  Your way always comes with a cost but one that is worth paying it.

Lead on and I will seek to follow, trusting divine sustenance that enables possibility even in the most barren lands, rivers in the desert.


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