LENT: God of Tenderness


Psalm 63:1-8

God of Tenderness,

When all becomes tight within me, be tender with me.  Loosen the weaving within.  Lengthen the rope, tugging the pieces gently so that the new space might begin distribute itself.  Expand my rib cage as I breathe…

…so that I might remember
…so that I might remember to call out
…so that I might remember to call out and cling to you

How do I cling to you when my hands are so busy holding it all together?  If I am not first willing to let go of life’s tasks, how can I ever offer my hand to another to help or to be helped, to forgive or to be forgiven, to love or to be loved?

The thirsting inside is not for a more tightly bound weaving by my hands.  The thirsting inside is for your upholding hands that send new space inside my work so that Spirit might have room to set up residence again as the commander of this operation.

I reach out for you and I find again your gentle welcome.

I respond with the greatest song of praise – deep breaths within the resurrected body.  My lungs rise and fall in completion.  I am ready to receive your tenderness and let it lead even while I work.

May I be your satisfied one, child of a Tender and Mighty God.


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