LENT: God Everlasting


Isaiah 55:1-9

God Everlasting,

In these finite times, I fall to my knees. Yesterday is past. Today is all I can grasp, moment by moment as it comes. The actions of yesterday impact today.  Today’s promise is that actions today will impact tomorrow. Dominos are set for the continuous path of action, effect, action, effect, action, effect…. It all barrels forwards, out of our control and yet done by our hands.

If we were not trapped in our everlasting cycle of strive, stumble, stand, trip, would we ever need you?

If all could be perfected in this day, would I come to you tomorrow morning?

If I do not admit my own cycles of destruction, can I flourish in your everlasting covenant of restoration?

Redemption in these finite times is impossible. Almost as impossible as wine and milk without price.

Hope is foolishness. Almost as foolish as the sun rising each morning even after the darkest nights.

Love is too difficult to bear. Almost as difficult to bear as a God who does not give up despite knowing the pattern.

In this finite day, I hope not for the perfection of the work of my hands or for actions that meet the standards of piety. I hope instead for your covenant to remain true at day’s end – that our everlasting cycle of destruction is no match for your everlasting covenant of redemption.

For that, I hope and live these days.





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