LENT: God of Paradox


God of Paradox,

Death is where we meet you most powerfully, as you bring life.
Darkness, our regular companion, is your destination with a torch aflame.
Threats persist and human existence is finite, but you tell us not to fear.

In you, death is reversed, darkness is dispersed, foes are revealed as what they are – tragic characters trusting an illusion.

I confess that I can fathom all of this only in part.  But I receive your assurance that trusting you is more rewarding than trying to understand you.

For all that I do not understand but experience as real, I praise you.

When trust is work,  may I continue to hear your invitation, “Count the stars”; may I remember your persistent purpose as always LIFE – deliverance to it, transformation of it, promise that there will be more of it.

Thanks be to you.


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