2016: Courage and Kindness


Last January, I wrote two words in my journal – courage and kindness.  I was entering into a hard year and even before I lived it, I knew.  I knew I was going to need courage and kindness in order to make it.

Change was rolling within and around me.  We were deciding our future plans and the gravity of the decisions weighed heavily upon us.  Our decisions set forth a wave of changes for all those around us.  Some of those waves brought joy.  Some of those waves brought grief.  All of it touched the core of who we were and who we would be.  All of it forced me to trust that God was doing something in our lives that I could not understand.

Courage: Showing up even when it very well might be painful or frightening
Kindness: Showing up together and recognizing that that which is painful or frightening is not the other but something that is beyond the both of you.

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New Year, Old Promises


A new year begins here. While boys sleep and the light rises outside, blue gray winter skies promise another year. Routine is adjusted with a later alarm but it is all the same. Cereal, eggs, coffee, quiet.

365 days stretch before me, all named by 2016. Some of them have already been claimed. Work trips. Wrapping up. Saying goodbye. Moving. Kindergarten. Beginning again. Birthdays. Anniversaries.

Many are left untouched, awaiting life to fill them and grant them their greatest desire – purpose.

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pausing.giving.thanks for 2013



giving thanks for the year of…

….NETFLIX amidst all the night-time feedings with Coach & Tami Taylor and Tim Riggins, Anna & Mr. Bates, Olivia Pope, Miss Claudette & Red

….the joy and pain of brothers Nathan & Tom, the bravery of Tori amidst the strong waves, the ignorance but rawness of Cheryl’s lonely hike, the writing of Andrew that has compelled me to be a local theologian in my own time and space, the beauty of Barbara that soothes the soul, the power of Leymah who has had enough of the terror of the world, the refreshing raw voice of Nadia who knows how to keep God real and authentic amongst us

…another summer touching Miami with Love

…another year of the opportunity to articulate where God is living and moving amidst the beautiful congregation of Highland

…the voices that call me away from my computer to get up and nurture and play.