for 2013



giving thanks for the year of…

….NETFLIX amidst all the night-time feedings with Coach & Tami Taylor and Tim Riggins, Anna & Mr. Bates, Olivia Pope, Miss Claudette & Red

….the joy and pain of brothers Nathan & Tom, the bravery of Tori amidst the strong waves, the ignorance but rawness of Cheryl’s lonely hike, the writing of Andrew that has compelled me to be a local theologian in my own time and space, the beauty of Barbara that soothes the soul, the power of Leymah who has had enough of the terror of the world, the refreshing raw voice of Nadia who knows how to keep God real and authentic amongst us

…another summer touching Miami with Love

…another year of the opportunity to articulate where God is living and moving amidst the beautiful congregation of Highland

…the voices that call me away from my computer to get up and nurture and play.

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