LENT: God Who Remembers Me


1 Corinthians 10:1-2, 12-13

God Who Remembers Me,

Criticism pierces.
Praise inflates.

Either way, my being expands and shrinks until it is unrecognizable in its normal form.  The criticism claims that my flaws are me.  The praise claims that my strengths are me.  Neither is true.  I am only who you name me to be.

I am only whole when I remember that I am yours and that is enough.

Remember me this day.
Re-member me this day.

Knit together my flaws and my gifts so that I might be your whole and healed creation who directs all success, all praise, all glory to You, God the Merciful.  Use this weary and wounded body as testament to your eternal mystery – that the human life can AND will be redeemed not by one’s own success but the One to whom we are eternally bound.


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