EASTER #6: Pausing for the More


Compassion: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings/misfortunes of others
Kindness: quality of being friendly, generous (showing a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected), and considerate.

IMG_8999-2After a week where time was scarce and there was not enough of me to meet all the surrounding expectations, I breathe in this morning and remember the completeness of Easter – that which can never be achieved through human effort nor can it be lost despite of it.  So for this sixth week of Easter, I pause in my reflections to be close to the vine, trusting that the “more” to give can only be born from the vine and tended by the Good Gardener. Continue reading

Mother’s Day: The Promise


FullSizeRender 2The oldest yearns for support, appreciation, and encouragement for his creativity.  The middle yearns for constant presence and companionship.  The youngest yearns for basic needs and safety.  Ultimately, their hearts yearn for our God who covenants with God’s people to offer purpose, belonging, and refuge.  They seek The Promise.

My world revolves around The Promise.  I am its steward who dispenses The Promise.  I am its agent who puts The Promise in action.  I am its incarnation whose very physical being embodies The Promise.  I am created in the image of The Promise.  I am a mother. Continue reading