Dedicating this Third Boy



Our words of dedication at Highland on October 29, 2017

On November 21 of last year, we welcomed our third boy.  We brought him home to our sabbatical home nestled among the North Carolina pines, we nourished him among the Blue Ridge mountains, and now we have brought him here into this beloved sanctuary where we ask that you join us in being good stewards of the life that God has given to us.

As one who will grow up in hand-me-downs, we decided to give this third boy his own unique first name rather than pulling from family history. Walter means “powerful warrior.” As one born amidst tumultuous times, this young boy is going to need your help as his teachers, preachers, and guides to nurture within him a sense of commitment and courage. Remind him that he is to be a tender warrior who trusts in God’s relentless work for redemption and resurrection. Call forth from him the wisdom of Walter Brueggemann, Walt Whitman, Walt Wilkins, and Walter McWhorter.

We initially planned on primarily calling him “Walt,” but we have found that we call him “Walter” just as much as we call him “Walt.” We will let him decide when he’s older which one he prefers, but until then, you can pick the name you use.

Walter has joined a brotherhood full of energy and mayhem and fierce attachment to one another. Walter’s middle name defines him as a brother. James wanted to name his brother, “Thomas,” which is coincidentally Carol’s brother’s name.

Within this intimate relationship as brothers, these three will learn the hard lessons of how to be in human relationship – how to wound and how to heal. But amidst it all, we hope that they will always remember the deep soul-connection that they share as fellow companions on this journey.

Highland, may you join us as we seek to raise brothers who God calls to a more difficult but redemptive form of brotherhood.  Though there will inevitably be competition, arguments, and grudges, may you teach Walter and his older brothers to…

Bear with one another.
Forgive one another.
Give thanks for companionship.
And let Love bind us.






One thought on “Dedicating this Third Boy

  1. A sweet congratulations to you and your boys 🙂 I’m a mom whose first three were boys as well. (and then a pink little one named “Hope” , ha! and then 2 more blue …) Anyway, reading your words brought back precious memories to days of lots of fun and chaos and wonder. Oh, and yes, I so agree that “Walter” is a good name. My Dad and Grandfather both shared this name and are awesome men that many love and look up to. Blessings to you and your Walter and boys.

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