An Eternal Feast on Valentine’s Day



“Who loves you more than me?” I asked as we pulled up to the bus stop.

“Daddy?” he asked.

“No.  Even more than Daddy.”


“Yes, God loves you so much – more than even Daddy and I can.  And God loves every single person the most – each person who sits at your table in school, the ones who walk down the hallway next to you, your teachers, and the people holding signs by the interstate entrances.  Can you imagine loving everyone so much?”

“Yep,” he replied easily.

And just like that, the bus pulled into the neighborhood, underneath a gorgeous pink sunrise – “a gift to us to show off how much God loves us all,” I said.  “Yep,” he agreed.

On the day when the world settles for limited loves, I worship a God of expansive Love – the kind that quenches  the deep longing to be known, loved, and invited to participate in Love.  It is Love that, once given and received, has the capacity to spill over, expand, and excessively flood every nook and cranny of our existence.

If today is for love, soak this heart of mine in gentleness until all the rough spots give way.  Let tenderness’ whisper drown out the tired inner critic.  Let patience, kindness, and forgiveness be the gift I receive and the labor I perform.

Let me delight in romantic love but be even more entranced by the Love that leaves all our extra grain and grapes for the poor and migrant, forgives past wrongs, releases long-held grudges, and remembers that the very nature of God determines who I am much more than any vain empty praise.

A greeting card is a tantalizing crumb.
A sunset is an extravagant banquet spread.
This complex human existence redeemed by the gift and labor of Love – an eternal feast.

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