Mother God



Mother God,

You are the original.  You birthed the world through your very being, sending light and land, water and wonder, flesh and spirit into a whole new frontier.  In the task of motherhood, we seek to imitate your original work – accepting the role of nurturing, caring for, and cultivating other beings entrusted to us.

On this day as the earthly role is celebrated, we remember all human mothers who follow your lead.  For mothers willing to walk the journey, even in imperfection, we give thanks.

For those who cannot embrace the role due to external limits or internal obstacles.
For those who cannot nurture, lacking the resources or capability to grow life.
For those who cannot care for others because the human heart is too wounded.
For those who cannot cultivate, unable to withstand the response or unable to find a receptive ear.

Mother God, remember all your children birthed from you primal creative womb.  Wrap them all in your loving arms and remind them of your role as Divine Mother.  Dream, again and again, new life for your children.  Work for wholeness within and peace without.  Soften our hearts so that we might embrace your purpose planted within from our birth. Remind us that being your children means that we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters, occupying your home that must be tended carefully and humbly.

Happiness is fleeting and celebration lasts but a day.

Your maternal joy is eternal.  May our praise be the same.


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