LENT: God Who Loves the Whole


Psalm 32

God Who Loves the Whole,

We come to you only in pieces.  We bring you that which we are comfortable to admit.  We keep silent that which we are not ready to face.  We are splintered pieces before you, assuming we cannot handle your powerful love of our brokenness.  Prayer becomes too vulnerable because your love of our fragile jagged pieces will require sacrifice, obedience, and trust.

Yet our hesitancy only fuels your love for our splintered selves.  Our weakness only fuels our need for your re-membering work.

Before you, God who loves the whole, I must acknowledge my faults.  I cannot just name them, claim them, and then hoard them.  To be loved into your wholeness is to name them and then release them.

In the quiet of the morning, I name them, release them, and stand back in awe.   I await revelation and reception of your grace – the act of loving the splintered pieces back into place.

Grant me a forgiven heart that is able to love the whole of those around me – celebrating gift and forgiving fault in the same breath.  In so doing, may your miraculous and mysterious work of redeeming, renewing, and resurrecting creation continue.


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