LENT: God of Salvation


Philippians 3:17-4:1

God of Salvation,

The places, the people, and the objects are too many to count.  Just like Abram could not count the stars, I cannot count the places, the people, and the objects that we go to expecting salvation.

The office, the mall, the bank.
The open road, the mountains, the ocean.
Mothers, friends, lovers.
Fathers, bosses, presidential nominees.
Phones, wallets, diamonds.
Tickets, keys, pints.

From where,
from what,
from whom are we expecting a savior?

The long list gives testament to the deep yearning for our souls to be revived from the internal and external forces that crush our spirits.  It drives us towards acquiring, storing, and protecting our own salvation.  In so doing, we seek life but we only lose it.

Transform this over-worked and dying body so that it might be conformed into your eternally redeemed body.  Make new what I cannot.  Direct my deep yearning away from acquiring so that it might focus on receiving – all while I stand firm with my feet at home in the foolishness of your grace that loves the whole of me.


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