LENT: God of Truth


Romans 10:8b-13

God of Truth,

You see the whole.  I see only pieces.
You know the heart.  I live with it beating in my chest.
Truth is your trusted, well-known companion.  I catch only her shadows that hint at where she has been.

I confess my seasoned frustration and occasional tantrums over the structure of the human relationship with truth. We, your people, chase after truth but only ever seem to catch the hem of her robe.  Some claim to know her completely – the texture of her garments, the lines in her face, the tone of her voice.  But truth captured is truth lost.  She cannot be known in her entirety; that is a privilege that is yours and yours alone.

The structure leaves me yearning always for more and I trust that that is how you desire it to be.  Grant me truth’s revelation for this day before me, and no more.  Let these lips and this heart confess that truth’s nearness is enough.  And thereby, I will be saved from frustration’s grasp and the danger of my first inclinations.

Ease my frustrations.  Let these lips admit and this heart accept what I believe to be true for no matter the day – that you are present with us in the struggle, offering daily bread to hungry people.


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