Baby Boy’s Dedication


Our words of dedication at Highland on August 28, 2013

Within these stone walls with their bursts of color, we have marked so many of life’s most sacred moments before this cloud of witnesses.  Here, I was dedicated as a baby, baptized, and ordained – and here, we were married and dedicated our first child as we entered into this journey of parenthood.  Today, it is our great honor and delight to come before you this day to dedicate our second child to God and to this beloved community.

His middle name carries on the legacy of his dad’s uncle whose life may have been short in years but rich in love.  His days were full of song, laughter, and quality time spent with the family he loved so dearly.

My maiden name was the inspiration for his first name.  As one named in remembrance of the gift of family, we pray that he grows to embody all the best that our family has to offer the world.  Like his great-grandparents, may he have…

…the tenderness of Eleanor and the curiosity of Wayne
…the faith of Betty and the heart of Roger
…the hospitality of Mavis and the encouraging spirit of Eugene
…the optimism of Jeanne and the story-telling of Billie

ImageIn the same way, we pray that he grows to reflect all that this Highland family has to teach him – that he may grow to be confident because he is a child of God; and humble because everyone else is, too.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, may we be a family that lays aside the stress, fears, and division life brings so that we may run with perseverance the race that is set before us – following in the footsteps of the One who calls us to be swift of foot and brave of soul.

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